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By on March 6, 2014

I found someone who wants to adopt me. His name is Hamish, and he is a kind happy soul. We told him it was a package deal though, so really he is going to adopt Maria and I. We will be apart of a happy family of 5. It’s quite serious, but we aren’t taking him up on the offer…

For the past two weeks, we have been living and working at the hostel/B&B that Hamish owns (Te Nikau Retreat near Punakaiki) and it’s been fantastic. There are about 10 cottages and lodges in the rainforest, a short walk to the beach, and amazing people to work with. We worked from 10 – 2 each day, and then had the rest of the day to do whatever.

Coming down the road to Te Nikau w/ Tobi the cat

Coming down the road to Te Nikau w/ Tobi the cat

Our room at Te Nikau... We got a deck!

Our room at Te Nikau… We got a deck!

Staff house

Staff house

At the beach

At the beach

Work was basically cleaning all of the lodges that had been stayed in, laundry, and other little jobs around the place. I ended up getting pulled out of housekeeping to do other jobs a few days out of the week (mowing, trimming, digging, nailing up signs, random stuff). Honestly, the work around this place isn’t the most exciting thing to write home about, but the people are awesome and in the end, that’s what keeps you happy.


Country Red box wine

Country Red box wine

When we got to Te Nikau, there were already 5 WWOOFers there, and 3 of them were Americans (Alexi from Western Mass, JJ from Florida, and Olivia from Vermont)! The other girls were Elina from France and Kadri from Estonia. We had a great big happy family… drinking high-class Country Red wine and cooking meals together.



maria tucking bed

steve cleaning

Cooking salmon patties

Cooking salmon patties

Kadri's Estonian Independence day meal

Kadri’s Estonian Independence day meal

So we worked everyday, and on our time off, the best way to describe it is to throw some pictures at you.

One night after work we hiked down to a nearby beach, collected the driftwood and lit the fire. Punakaiki is such a small town in the middle of the west coast that we were all alone (if you don’t count the stars and the milky way galaxy).

beach bonfire

punakaiki stars


We also got a wee bit of a discount on kayaks at the local river.

maria sitting kayaking

steve kayaks

Elina, Olivia, Me, JJ, Alexi

Elina, Olivia, Me, JJ, Alexi

river scenery

steve on river kayaking

Punakaiki is most well known for the Pancake Rocks, a rock formation that rose out of the sea about 100,000 years ago (very recently).

small blowhole :/

small blowhole :/

On the day that Kadri was leaving, Leo came and was a perfect addition to the fam. Finally another guy around to go exploring with.

new world cave

And of course the pub a few times.

americans at the pub


pub laughing 1

pub laughing 2

pub picture with leo

Right now we are in Christchurch and are going to pick up a campervan tomorrow morning. Gonna spend the next 11 days in the van… camping and hiking and driving across the country.  It’s gonna be pretty hectic, but we will survive.  See ya on the other side.

New Beers: Green Fern, Speights Old Dark, Lion Red, Waikato Draught


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    Awesome! The pictures are saweet! So jealous. Life is fun.


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