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Bali: First Stop Kuta Beach

By on March 28, 2014

Welcome to Indonesia! Now that we are traveling in SE Asia, and are going at a slower pace, I am thinking that these blog posts will be a little different. Probably shorter and a little more frequent. We’ll see how it goes.

After leaving New Zealand, we arrived in Bali to hot temperatures, busy streets, beaches and cheap prices. The cheap prices and beaches were nice but hot temps and busy streets maybe not so much. We got off the plane and hopped in a taxi to Kuta. For those who haven’t heard of Kuta yet, it’s a little like Daytona Beach. Lots of drunk Australians and it’s a pretty trashy beach BUT the surf is steady and great for beginners. We knew it was pretty touristy, but we figured we would get used to Indonesia and plan to go to another place on Bali from there.

A little geography backup info: Bali is 1 of 17000 islands in Indonesia (just like Java or Sumatra, which are the main islands and well known for coffee). On Bali, there are tons of little beach towns, cities, temples, rice fields, volcanoes, etc. Kuta is the main touristy area of Bali.

We booked the Tanaya B&B, and were amazed at what our 13 USD per person got us: our own room with AC, free great internet, an awesome breakfast, and a porch deck that looked out over the street. Later we found out that that was a pricy place to stay, but for the time being, it was half of what we were paying in NZ.

So what is there to do in Kuta? One option is you can walk the streets and get hawked at to buy shit nonstop. Since that isn’t our idea of fun, we went to the beach and had two sunny days there. The funny thing is that even at the beach everyone is trying to get you to buy shit. No I don’t want an ice cream, no I don’t want a tattoo, no I don’t want a bow and arrow. Those were all serious offers on Kuta beach. What am I gonna do with a bow and arrow on the beach? All the offers aren’t bad though – there are tons of vendors selling beers, renting boards, and beach chairs.

Our first beers in Bali... go Bintang!

Our first beers in Bali… go Bintang!

We ended up chillin at the beach and walking around a lot. I rented a board for 50000 Rupiah (about 5 USD) for the day, and learned how to surf. Last year I tried surfing with a local in Hawaii who taught me the basics, so this time, I kinda knew what to do but still hadn’t stood up on a wave yet. I went out into the steady surf and stood up on my first wave! Then I struggled for the next hour. Eventually, I got the hang of it and was catching waves… but damn it was tiring.

surfing in kuta beach

So we stayed in Kuta for three nights and that’s where I’ll leave you. Next up, three nights at a home stay in Ubud.



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